African Chic Lounge

African Chic Lounge

The African Chic’s Lounge open the doors, every day, at 8 pm

Major place of the great evenings of the ochre city, you will cross all Marrakesh there

Install you in the bar, in the tables or comfortably in one of the lounges.
Discover the surprising decoration of the Lounge bar’s African Chic, where you will find objects in the very varied origins, little as if a traveler had returned in his suitcases his memories gleaned almost everywhere on all the planet.
A well tidied up mess, with all these objects which make of African Chic a unique place the atmosphere of which invites you in the travel.

According to the hour, the atmosphere is different :

From 8:00 pm till 10:00 pm, the aficionados of the drink can find themselves around a glass, privileged moment when the only watchword is the relaxation
On the occasion of sports events, will be given to you the opportunity to follow them on screens spread almost everywhere

From 10:00 pm till 0:00 am, two worlds cross, those who savor the liqueur before returning home, and those for whom the evening begins

From 00:00 am, the latine group and its furious rhythms place in Live which invite you on the party, those where stars and unknowns cross the moment of an unforgettable evening.