African Chic Live


Live African Chic Marrakech

The Live African Chic Marrakech is 100% Latino

Flamenco, salsa and merengue are for the program of African Chic every evening from midnight

A Latino group, the furious rhythm of which sets fire to the dancefloor from the first notes.
A singer come from Spain and a singer of Venezuela accompanied with talented musicians, guitarists, percussionists, bass player and keyboard, for an overexcited atmosphere.

The biggest successes South American are revisited by the group, and nobody can remain insensible there

Let get drunk in the sound of the carnival, and enter in the party

The time of evening, forget the outer(foreign) elements, and come to benefit of this atmosphere for an unforgettable journey the borders of Latin America
The Latin music is not a musical genre, but rather a music style leading very often to the dance.

The Salsaof part her name (sauce) includes several musical genres, little as the terms “Jazz” or “Rock”, but one attribute its origins in Cuba.

The Latin musics are very numerous, here is some indications on the Latin musics proposed by the African Chic’s group :

Puerto Rican musics : the Reggaeton, the Merengue, the Bomba and Plena
Dominican musics : Bachata and Merengue
Brazilian musics : the Bossa nova, the Samba, the Lambada and the Batucada
Cuban musics : Timba, Cha-cha-cha, the Mambo, the Bolero, the Rumba, Danzon, Habanera and La Guajira
Colombian musics : Cumbia and Vallenato

Mexican musics : the Bolero, the Ranchera, the Pasito duranguense, the Texano and the Corrido
Musics of Argentina : the Tango, the Milonga, the Candombé and the Murga
The musics of African origin : Candombé and Bomba