African Chic Marrakesh

African Chic Lounge

The Lounge

A comfortable space to meet up with some friends

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Restaurant the Zebra
Restaurant the Zebra

The Restaurant

An inescapable gourmet restaurant

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African Chic Live
African Chic Live

The Latino Live

The Latino Live of African Chic

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African Chic Marrakech, open every day from 8 pm

African Chic marrakech When we talk about party, we think  « African Chic » Lounge, good table and Live African Chic joins the program of the biggest evenings of Marrakesh, for an inimitable festive atmosphere The atmosphere is there unique With first of all an outstanding decoration, where piles up in an organized disorder of objects from very different origins, the electric guitars of the 80s, sombreroes, advertising hoardings, African masks, mirror and paintings of any horizons dress the walls ; sculptures, lamps and trinkets are put here and there If you decide to stay for dinner, the restaurant ” Zebra ” will propose you a creative quality international cooking, which makes it one of the best tables of Marrakesh Concerning lounge bar, a row of tables faced an immense bar, before leading you towards the lounges which face the scene where occurs every evening of the week a South American group constituted by a Spanish singer, by a Venezuelan singer, by guitarists, by a bass player, by a pianist, by a drummer and by percussionists for unforgettable times of salsa African Chic Marrakesh, it is the certainty to cross a good evening You can also join African Chic Marrakech on Facebook